How do we work?

The 360 Degree Career Development Agency understands that career development has little to do with age and that there is no career ladder. We are all on a journey determined by the goals we set and lives we lead. 360 can assist with everything from the nuts and bolts of writing a cover letter and resume to establishing goals and managing conflict in the workplace.

The 360 approach to career development focuses on three key areas:
1. Picking your Path
2. Navigating your Path
3. Maintaining Momentum

What’s in it for you?

Beware of anyone promising to have all of the answers. Instead, choose to work with someone who understands that there is no one size fits all career template.

Let’s work together to craft a career plan that overlaps with your personal life and takes into account all of your strengths, challenges, and fears.

Who we are.

The 360 Career Development Agency is owned and operated by TaKeisha S. Walker. Ms. Walker has more than 15 years working one on one and designing and facilitating group career coaching sessions. She has worked with individuals at various stages of their career and in their job search and developed several workshops essential to navigating career pathways and maintaining momentum in the workplace.