Let 2018 be the End of "New Year, New Me"

Here’s my deep thought for the first week of 2018. The new year inspires us to change, be better, do more, etc. in part because we make the space for self-reflection in the days or day leading up to the holiday.

Illustration of woman with head in hands against pink backgroundThe ritualistic progression from one year to another seems to call for some type of movement or need for rejuvenation in us.

What if we didn’t wait for a “New Year” to hit the reset button?

What if we set and evaluated our goals throughout the year?

What if we made small and big changes as needed instead of putting them off for a symbolic “restart”?

What if kicked it into high gear in March, June, or October and decided it was time to achieve our heart’s desire when the notion first occurred to us?

Make changing, resetting, or starting when you need and want to your 2018 resolution.

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