Career Hack: How to Prepare for an Informational Interview

Last week, I was talking with a colleague who is preparing for the GRE. He is excited and very nervous about the test and about what happens after the exam because he is not sure exactly what type of graduate degree he wants to pursue.

We talked a little about his strategy for investigating career options. Currently, he is researching programs and “stalking” people on LinkedIn (his words, not mine).

I asked if he thought about reaching out to people via LinkedIn and actually asking for an informational interview. After recovering from the initial shock of me suggesting he speak to someone in real time, face to face; he agreed that it could be helpful.

Have you ever conducted an informational interview? If not, here are a few tips about “Preparing for an Informational Interview”.

Feel free to contact me if you need help thinking through a strategy for conducting informational interviews.

Career Hack: Tools for Starting Fresh Every Day

“Every day is a fresh start” is a very simple idea that is much harder to embrace and actually act on. While every day is not a “throw the match and walk away” opportunity, the new day does provide an opportunity to reset and restart. But how?

You can start by making a plan. Don’t plan out your entire life but focus on the next two weeks. Set some SMART goals related to a larger career goal that helps you to build some momentum and excitement.

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10 worst pieces of career advice

Career advice is always plentiful. We get it from friends, colleagues, family members, and even strangers but how much of it is actually helpful? Some tips are just plain wrong while much of the guidance is not applicable to every situation.  Relevance can vary for a variety of reasons including industry, company, and life circumstances.

What is the worst career advice you have ever received? Just in case you don’t recognize bad career suggestions, check out 10 Worst Pieces of Career Advice You Should Never Follow.