Career Hack: Living and Networking in the Now

Trying to establish meaningful connections with people during face to face networking sessions can be uncomfortable but online networking seems to be even more perplexing and angst-inspiring.  Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn to build a network leaves many confused and results in people giving up.

Take a step back and think about the opportunity online networking provides. Shopping in the digital age has made products and services that we never knew were available accessible. Using the internet to connect with people can  provide the same benefit. Due to distance or a number of other reasons, everyone is not available to you for a face to face meeting.

Joining groups on LinkedIn and other platforms allow you to tap into perspectives from people across the globe. Building networking strategies that work for today’s environment is important and demonstrates your ability to evolve and adapt to a changing world.



Career Hack: Emotionally Intelligent Networking

Mentioning networking seems to set the fear of God in most people. I have talked to many people who describe networking as “uncomfortable” and “awkward”. Statements like “I hate schmoozing” are indicators that people are approaching networking from a very inauthentic place.

I like this Fast Company article about leveraging emotional intelligence when you network because it provides some pretty accessible tips for navigating crowds. As you read through the article, remember, authenticity is the key to building and maintaining a network.