New Year, Strategic You: Resolve to Build


Happy New Year All!!

With a new year, comes the pressure to resolve to be different. We are three days into 2017 and I can’t even count all of the blogs, memes, posts, and tweets that I have seen advocating leaving the past behind, becoming a new you in the new year, and of course reinventing yourself.

My 2017 advice, however, is different. Whether you apply this to your personal or professional life, DO NOT reinvent. Instead, build upon and explore.

Do not leave interests and skills in the past. 2017 is the year to build on the foundation that you have created and recognize the awesomeness that is you.  Figure out how to explore and grow the talents that you have. Reconnect with and activate the power of your network this year.

While not everything needs to be carried into the new year, take a moment to take inventory and make sure you don’t leave valuable assets in the past for the sake of reinvention.

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