Cover Letter Writing

Be sure to keep your cover letter concise. Your cover letter should not be an exhaustive list of your resume. The cover letter is your introduction to the hiring manager, it peaks their interest in you as a candidate for the job. Your cover letter should convey that you have the skills necessary to excel in the position.     Also remember to state the job that you are applying for to avoid confusion.

Resume Writing: Formatting

Only use an appropriate and professional email address for correspondence. For example: If you are a student, consider using your school email.

Resume Preparation: Selling Your Experience

When describing job duties or accomplishments, be sure to use action words. Some examples: participated, coordinated, executed, etc. Also be sure to use the correct tense. Check out for more examples!

Resume Preparation: Formatting

Make sure to format your name on your resume so that it stands out to the reader. Also be sure to include your name on all pages of your resume! Add your name into the header or footer of the document to insure it is displayed on all pages.

Resume Preparation

Try to keep your resume limited to one or two pages. Students, recent graduates, and young professionals usually only need a one page resume.

Resume Preparation

Tweak and adjust your resume for each job that you are applying for. Use the job description and your experience to tailor your resume to the skills that the organization is looking for. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments!